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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find the BRAG COVID-19 Customer Questionnaire?

Following our closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that families returning after our reopening complete the questionnaire available at the link below and have the student bring it with them the first day they return.  This form is to be completed by a legal guardian to ensure the safety of our students, staff and their combined families.

 What can we do about the classes missed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic? 

For those students who were forced to miss classes 16-31 March 2020 while BRAG was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your absences for each class have been entered into your accounts.  The make-ups for these missed classes will not expire and we will waive the normal make-up policy that is outlined below in FAQ "What is the Class Make-Up Policy?".  Just email info@bragnow.com or call (540)832-4272 to schedule your make-up.  We do ask that the make-ups be scheduled as soon as possible so we are able to clear our books of these missed classes. 

We voluntarily paid our tuition fees for April 2020, what happened to those funds?

First, we want to thank those families who volunteered to pay their tuition fees in April 2020.  Those funds helped us weather the uncertainty of the first few weeks of our mandatory closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Second, for these families, their account was credited the amount paid.  This credit will be automatically debited from the next balance that comes due on their account.  If the credit is not fully expended initially, it will continue to be debited until it is fully expended.  If you want to review credits or balances due, just access the Billing & Payments Tab of your BRAG Parent Portal account. 

What is the Annual Registration Fee?

​There is an annual registration fee of $60 for the first child enrolled, $40 for the second child, and $25 for the third child or a family rate of $125 for children to become BRAG members.  The Annual Registration Fee is a yearly charge which officially enrolls your student as a member of the BRAG family.  Membership is automatically renewed annually on the anniversary date of the original registration.  Once you are a member of BRAG you receive special discounts on open gyms, as well as other member benefits.  Payment of the Annual Registration Fee is required to enroll in classes, but is not required to attend open gyms or host birthday parties.

Are there multi-student discounts on tuition for families with more than one child?

YES!  We have a special multi-child discount program so nobody gets left out of the fun. 

  • 2 students - 10% discount on the tuition of the second child and $20 off the second child's registration fee.
  • 3 students - 20% discount on the tuition of the third child and $35 off the third child's registration fee.
  • 4+ students - check with one of our office staff for special tuition and registration rates.

How long are we committing to pay?

We require a 30-day written notice to withdraw from a class, so you are not required to pay tuition beyond the 30-days from notification of intent to withdraw.  You may withdraw your child at any point during a session with the 30-day written notice.  

How often will I be charged for a class?

​Upon initial enrollment, applicable registration and tuition fees will be charged to the account entered during the registration process.  If the initial enrollment is done after the first class of the month/session or later, the tuition fees will be pro-rated.  During the School Year Sessions, each family will be charged month-to-month on the first day of each month.  During the Summer Sessions, each family will be charged for the entire session at the beginning of the session.  The tuition rates displayed on our "Class Schedule" page during the School Year Session are the amounts you will be charged each month with payments due the first day of each month.  The tuition rates displayed on our "Class Schedule" page during the Summer Session are the amounts you will be charged in one payment for the entire session.  For any fees not paid within 10 days of the due date (i.e. the 10th day of the month, 10 days after the beginning of the Summer Session, or 10 days after enrollment in a class when enrollment is done mid-month/mid-session) an additional $35 late fee will be assessed to the family's account. The full tuition payment is due even if the due date is on a holiday.  There is also an annual registration fee which will be charged at initial registration and upon the anniversary of the initial registration.

How do I enroll in a class?​

To enroll in a class, go to our "Classes" page, click on the large blue tab for the session of your choice, and select the class you want by clicking the orange "Register" link on the left side of the class in which you want to enroll.  From there you will be asked to fill out a Registration Form and provide payment information.  Or, you can go to our Parent Portal page, click on the New Member button to register with BRAG and enroll in a class.  In either case, you will receive an enrollment verification email with an initial estimate of the fees that are due.  This initial email is for enrollment verification purposes only and does not include any applicable discounts.  All applicable discounts will be applied once we have reviewed the enrollment, then we will manually charge the credit or debit card on file for the family account.  If you need additional help or don't know which class would best fit your child, stop by our front office, or give us a call at 540-832-4272. ​

What should my child wear?
For safety purposes, we ask that all athletes have their hair tied back neatly out of their faces.  Students are encouraged to wear leotards, but they are not required.  Tight fitting workout clothes are appropriate.  Midriffs must be covered.  Except for special cheerleading sneakers, no shoes will be worn on the equipment.

What if my child is not relating well to the instructor, the teaching method, or other children in their class?

We fully understand that the instructor sets the tone of each class and sometimes children respond better to or prefer one instructor to another.  As such, we want each child to enjoy their time with BRAG while at the same time being challenged both mentally and physically.  For some children there is a very fine line between happy and challenged, which is why we make it so easy to transfer between classes to find the perfect fit.  Also, on occasion, one student may not get along with another which diminishes their enjoyment of the class or ability to learn new skills.  As long as we have openings in other classes for your child's ability level, we are more than happy to transfer your child to another class to optimize their overall experience.​

How do I transfer my child to a different class?

​If you wish to transfer your child to a different class, please stop by our front desk, send us an e-mail at info@bragnow.com, or give us a call at 540-832-4272.

How do I withdraw from a class?

You may withdraw your child at any point during the session with a 30-day written notice.  Additionally, at the end of each session we also ask that each family, not intending to enroll in the next session, to also provide a 30-day written notice. 

I accidentally enrolled my child in the wrong class?

If you accidentally enrolled your child in the wrong class, please contact us by stopping by our front desk or giving us a call at 540-832-4272.  We will assist you with the transfer to a different class.

Do I have to enroll prior to the beginning of a session?  When can I enroll my child?

You may enroll your child in a class at any point in time.  If a class has already begun, we will pro-rate the monthly charge based on how many classes the child will be attending during the remainder of the month or session. 

What is the Class Make-Up Policy?

Make-ups are scheduled in similar classes (with openings) or Open Gym.  The make-ups in similar classes are subject to the number of openings available, i.e. if there are no openings then there is no space for make-ups.  We ask that after your child misses a class, you give us a call to schedule a make-up date.  We allow one absence to be made-up in a class per month, and the make-up class must be used in the same month or the following month.  Any additional absences in a given month can be made up in Open Gym only.  For example, if you miss a Beginner Girls class in September, you may attend one extra Beginner Girls class or Open Gym later in September or October as a make-up for the missed class. 

How can I get my child evaluated for competition teams?

If you wish to schedule an evaluation or get your child on track for the competition teams, please contact our front desk by e-mail or calling 540-832-4272.

What is Open Gym?

Open Gym is a lightly supervised time when students can come to the gym and work on whichever specific events or skills they wish.  It's a good time to perfect skills that need a little extra work, or just enjoy some more trampoline time.  Open Gym is offered on Saturdays from 2:00-4:00pm.  The prices are $15 for registered members and $25 for non-members.  We do not require registration for open gym, so bring your friends!  ***Please remember a Release of Liability Waiver must be signed by a legal guardian before a non-member can participate in open gym for the first time.  A copy of this Release of Liability Waiver will then be kept on file at BRAG so that a legal guardian will not need to be present at future Open Gyms.***

How do I book a Birthday Party?

BRAG loves parties!  Whether it's for your child's birthday, your girl/boy scout troop, or another celebration, let us know and we can schedule your event.  Guests will have an unforgettable time with our gymnastics activities, fun party games, bouncy trampolines, 40-foot tumble track, and party area.  Call us or visit our front desk for more details.  Members and non-members can reserve a birthday party time by clicking on our Birthday Parties tab. 

Inclement weather procedures?

Due to BRAG's geographic location between Fauquier and Prince William Counties, we do not specifically follow one county's inclement weather closure plan.  We will make an independent decision as early as possible on whether BRAG will be open based on current road conditions and the weather forecast.  Once a determination has been made to remain closed or close early, we will update our Home Page Announcements Section and Facebook with the closure plan.   While we will try to remain open to maintain our class schedule, we will not do so at the peril of our instructors, customers, and their families. ***If BRAG is forced to close due to inclement weather, we will only offer make-ups in Open Gym***

Does BRAG offer private lessons?

BRAG offers private and semi-private lessons to students actively enrolled in a class or a member of one of our competitive teams.  We do not offer private lessons to individuals that are not being trained at our facility prior to the request for a private lesson.  All private lessons must be coordinated through our Reception Desk and we do require 24-hours notice to cancel or reschedule a private lesson to negate the private lesson fee.  Please call us at 540-832-4272 for availability and pricing.    

Does BRAG offer a military discount?

Absolutely, thank you for your service!  We offer a 10% discount off regular class tuition (not including camps or special events) for former and active service members.  We also offer the same 10% discount to all current government employees (sorry, this does not apply to contractors).  Just bring in an identification card, DD-214, or pay stub to verify service or employment to start receiving the discount.  This discount cannot be applied retroactively to prior tuition payments.

Why am I not receiving email from BRAG?

While we try to limit the number of emails we generate, they are still necessary for our communication with the BRAG families.  Member families should expect to receive a monthly billing notification between the 1st and 3rd day of each month, notifications of unscheduled closures due to severe weather, special events announcements, and guidance on enrollment at the changeover from one session to the next.  If you are not receiving these emails, check your email spam folder.  Please ensure noreply@jackrabbittech.com and info@bragnow.com are added to your email provider's approved senders list so that our emails do not end up in your spam folders.  Additionally, our messages are generated often as bulk emails which are sometimes blocked by government or corporate servers, please enroll using a personal email account and check it regularly.  Our class management system maintains a history of every email generated through it to help customers track down missing emails.   

When will BRAG be closed for holidays and special events?

BRAG will be closed the following dates for special events and holidays:

  • 7 September 2020, Labor Day
  • 22-29 ​November 2020, Thanksgiving Break
  • 20 December 2020 - 3 January 2021, Christmas Break
  • 28 March - 4 April 2021, Spring Break
  • 31 May 2021, Memorial Day
  • ​28 June - 4 July 2021, Independence Day Break ​

***Make-ups will be offered for the Labor Day and Memorial Day closures only*** 

Where can I find BRAG's Liability Release Form?

A completed BRAG Liability Release Form must be presented to the reception desk before anyone (who is not already registered with BRAG via an online registration) can take a trial class, participate in Open Gym, or attend a birthday party/special event at our facility.  The Liability Release form must be completed by a parent or legal guardian of the minor participating in any activities at BRAG.  The signee of the Liability Release form must be able to assume financial responsibility for the minor and able to cover medical expenses, if required.  Blank Liability Release forms are available at our reception desk or the following link: